Our video for Satellites by Melting Point Media.

Thank you so much to everyone that was there on Wednesday. We’re chuffed to bits that people turned up to listen to us and some other mint bands.

Thanks to everyone who has bought the EP so far too. We never thought anyone would pay  money to listen to our shambolic noise. It’s amazing that people have.


Exciting stuff n’ that.


I realise we’ve all been spamming you the last couple of days, but that’s just because we’re super excited about all this mint stuff that’s about to happen. I thought I should explain everything in one place YEAH?

1. On the 29th October, we are releasing our first proper EP through Tiny Lights Recordings. It’s called ‘Saint Waleric’ and is about various old seaside towns in Northumberland (They’re fucking amazing but really strange).This is canny exciting for us, and it feels like a bit of an achievement to get this far. I think we’re all really proud of these recordings, and I hope you enjoy listening to them too. For now, you can listen to one of the songs from said EP HERE. Let us know what you think.

2. We’re having a proper party to celebrate the launch of ‘Saint Waleric’, and it just happens that it is on Halloween. As well as some lovely musical treats courtesy of some mint bands, we’ll provide some Halloween fun n’ frolics. Oh, and you get discounted entry if you turn up in decent fancy dress! (The quality of your outfit will be judged by whoever is taking money on the door, so no half-arsed costumes, mind).  You can add yourself to the event, and find out more details HERE!!!

3. We’ve got some other cracking gigs coming up too, the first being THIS FRIDAY AT THE HEAD OF STEAM WITH COLLECTORS CLUB & COHESION

Then we have a busy weekend of more absolutely amazing gigs:




I think that’s everything for now, it would be incredible to see you at one, two or all of the gigs. We actually feel ready to play them too, which is always a good sign.

I’ll post details about purchase of the EP when it becomes available, if you’re inclined to do so. If not, I’m impressed you’ve bothered to read this far down, really.


Finally got the tumblr working!

After many months trying to link facebook with tumblr I’ve finally succeeded. i guess potta and smith are in charge of the twitter, me and kurt can have the tumblr i guess. we’ve got this social networking mallarky locked down tight. haven’t used this since early last year though, jesus christ.

expect lots of little videos etc of us pissing about to crop up on here, along with little demos, mebs the odd rant by archibald if he has the urge.



One of those musical rants that are repeated time and time again.

A few of us were at a gig on Saturday, it was mint. The band(s) were spot-on, they’re probably amazing every time they pick up their instruments and play because they’ve practiced their collective tits off and spent most of their waking hours honing their craft to make their live show a special thing to experience. But on Saturday, however perfect, special, or energetic the bands were, there was still something missing.

 I said it on Saturday when I was drunk, and I’ll say it again now; people need to go to gigs of bands they like. Please.

We were at The Head Of Steam in town. A lovely, central, easy to get to venue. There was also two wicked bands on, one local, one from further afield. They both have good followings, and the band that had made the trip up to Newcastle have, I’m reliably informed, a decent following here too. As well as all that, the ticket price was cheap as chips, through an excellent promo company who guarantee they never put on shit middle-of-the-road bands.

The room should have been heaving yeah? Nothing more could have been done in terms of band, promotion and venue. But it was only half full. And I couldn’t get my head round it.

It’s all down to people showing support for bands they like by going to see them live. If they don’t, then how are a band going to survive? They’ll probably be paid for the show regardless, but why would they bother coming back if they don’t get a good reception? It’s unrewarding, if not totally depressing, for the bands involved.

The capacity at the Head Of Steam is roughly 90 or so, and I can guarantee there’s more than 90 people in Newcastle who like the bands in question enough to part with a bit of their money. For those people, seeing these bands would have been a genuinely worthwhile experience, something that you don’t get from ‘liking’ their page or listening to bands on Youtube.

Basically, next time you see that a band you like is playing at a local venue, just go! Not only will it (probably) be amazing and you’ll go away buzzing because one of your favey bands played loads of your favey songs and you had a bit of a sing and dance, but you’ll know that you’ve physically gone out of your way to support these bands, because seeing a band live seems to be one of the only ways you can do that nowadays. Bands can’t make money out of mp3 downloads and Spotify plays alone. If being in a band is your job, playing live is what pays your heating bills.

At the end of the day though, live music is always best, and bands always have more fun if there are people there to see them, therefore the crowd has more fun, the promoter goes home happy, and there’s a guarantee the band will return to the area again. It all makes sense. So just go and do it. Easy.

This isn’t a plea for you to come and see us though. We don’t have heating bills to pay. Yet. 

140 plays

Me and Josh recorded a lil’ stripped back version of Bleak Northern Beaches this afternoon. We haven’t put anything on in ages but have a listen, it’s a hint of things to come, hopefully…

Kurtis the Medicine Man.

Almost all of us..Think Duncan took this actually. He’s kinda involved.